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By the time you are reading, you may have read some articles that explain what rhinoplasty is and what it is for. There are some websites that would explain how the rhinoplasty procedure takes place and what you should expect after the surgery. We just like to advise you that what you read and watch on the internet may be useful, but may not be applicable to your own rhinoplasty surgery. We suggest that you take the first step and consult your chosen rhinoplasty surgeon so you can get first-hand information about what you must expect before, during, and after your nose job surgery. But, just as a supplemental source of information, this article tackles 4 important points about the rhinoplasty procedure that you need to consider and understand before deciding if you are pushing through with your nose job journey.


Four things you need to consider about rhinoplasty surgery


Pick the best rhinoplasty surgeon


nose job surgeryWe always say that rhinoplasty procedures are the same anywhere in the world. Because it is very popular, a lot of doctors would want to have their share of patients who would ask for their services in regards to handling nose job surgery. However, let us reiterate that this cosmetic surgery is not a simple or minor type of operation. The success and your satisfaction with the results of the surgery would rely heavily on 3 things; your overall health, your expectations, and the expertise of your surgeon. The two former considerations can be managed by the patient. You can make yourself healthy before undergoing the nose job surgery; you can also adjust your expectations on how your nose will look like after the operation. However, the latter is out of your hands. Your rhinoplasty surgeon’s experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of the operation will be an advantage for you in so many ways. He will be able to avoid most of the foreseeable complications. He will help you curb your expectations and explain to you further what you need to know before and after the surgery. You can be sure that you are in the best hands when you seek the services of an expert rhinoplasty surgeon.


The final results of your nose job surgery may take longer


Unlike most plastic surgery procedures, like breast augmentation, that allows the patient to appreciate the end product of their cosmetic operation after a few weeks’ time, rhinoplasty may let you wait for up to a year before you can fully realize and see the outcome of your nose reshaping surgery. This is because the swelling that patients typically feel after the rhinoplasty procedure may persist and continue to be present on an on-and-off basis. This post-surgical effect is even more evident depending on the nasal alterations that the surgeon performed on your nose. The internal incisions and the scarring they produce would add up to the inflammation that you may be feeling and noticing. Indeed, rhinoplasty is a test of patience, but you can be sure that you will not wait in vain.


The rhinoplasty cost varies due to a lot of factors


nose job resultsGiving you a rough price range of $5000 to $15000 will not do you any good when setting a budget for your rhinoplasty cost. Scan most websites of cosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons’ websites, and we are sure that you won’t be able to see a specific price estimate of how much rhinoplasty would cost. This is because every person has different needs, and these variations affect the computation of your rhinoplasty cost. The complexity of the reshaping, the location where you want to have your rhinoplasty, the expertise of the surgeon, and the reason for your rhinoplasty can cause your rhinoplasty to be expensive or a bit manageable. You see, depending on the reason why you need the nose job surgery, your medical insurance policy may cover your expenses. If you need rhinoplasty to solve a medical condition, like sleep apnea, septal deviation, or congenital disabilities like cleft palate, allow your insurance company to study your case so they may get your surgery covered. However, if your purpose for getting a rhinoplasty procedure is strictly aesthetic in nature, then you would have to shoulder all of the expenses because almost all medical insurance policies would not see your case as medically necessary.


An additional or revision rhinoplasty surgery may be required


There are two things that can account for a revision rhinoplasty; one is if a single rhinoplasty would not be enough to achieve your desired outcome, or if the results are bound with complications and the outcome is unsatisfactory.

If a single surgery cannot address the changes you would want to have for your nose, your plastic surgeon would have informed you even before the start of that first surgery that you need a second one. This should be part of his detailed treatment plan or surgery course that he would explain to you before pushing through with the first surgery.

If complications caused some problems with your rhinoplasty surgery, the complexity of the procedure heightens. Because not only is he improving the aesthetic aspect of the nose, he is also making sure that no other complications would affect its functional facet. You can also expect that the cost of this type of secondary or additional nose job surgery will be higher than the initial procedure, and the expertise of your surgeon is beyond essential at this time as well.