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Are you thinking about getting plastic surgery? have you been considering visiting South Korea or other Asian countries for your rhinoplasty procedures? If you are, you have reached the right article. This article will focus on the comparison between rhinoplasty procedures done in Korea and Australia.


Korean Rhinoplasty

Medical tourism is developing into a new bandwagon that seemingly everyone wants to jump onto nowadays. The same is true when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures and plastic surgery as a whole. However, is it a good idea?

In South Korea, it is part of the regular norm for people to get plastic surgery. Many people opt to travel there from Australia for their own plastic surgery needs. However, many people have gone to South Korea and have reported less than satisfactory results.


korean rhinoplastyWhy Korean Rhinoplasty Is Not A Good Idea

There are many reasons why you should not consider traveling to South Korea for your plastic surgery procedures. The first reason for this is because Western facial features are different from Asian ones. There is a chance that you may end up with a surgeon who is unfamiliar with Western facial features, and have a botched surgery because of this.

Also, the overall quality of Korean rhinoplasty is lower than the plastic surgery procedures you can get in Australia. On top of the quality, traveling to South Korea to get plastic surgery will increase the risks that are associated with the surgery you will be having.

There is also the language barrier when it comes to medical tourism. You may not be able to fully explain the results you wish to achieve with the surgery, which will take the risk of being dissatisfied with the result higher.


Final Thoughts

Your best bet is to find a good surgeon in Australia. If you want to have your surgery done by a Korean surgeon, it is still possible to have the plastic surgery procedure done by a Korean surgeon who is based in Australia.