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Does rhinoplasty hurt? This is a common question of people who are considering getting a nose job have before the procedure is done. This article will shed some light on what to expect from a rhinoplasty operation, and what kind of pain to expect during the procedure and recovery.

Is rhinoplasty painful?

During the procedure, local anaesthesia will be applied to the area before the procedure is done. There will be no pain during the surgery. As the anesthesia wears off, as with any kind of surgical procedure, a person can expect to feel mild to moderate pain or discomfort as the surgical site heals.However, this pain should only last for a few days, at the most. And the surgeon will usually prescribe medications to help the person deal with the pain as they recover.

For the first few days after the surgery. the person will need to retain the nose splint that will be put to hold the nose in place right after the surgery. The splint will help relieve pressure that is put on the nose for the first few days of healing, to avoid more pain than necessary.

does rhinoplasty hurt

What if the pain intensifies?

If the pain a person feels after the surgery does not seem to be subsiding or going away even after a few days, there may be an infection that is forming on the surgical site. At this point, it is a good idea to go back to the surgeon that performed the operation and have the nose checked. They will be able to administer prompt treatment on the nose to make sure that the infection does not worsen and develop into a more serious problem. Also, getting prompt treatment and care will ensure that the final form of the nose and desired results will not be compromised because of the infection.