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Rhinoplasty in Melbourne never looked this good.

Let Rhinoplasty Melbourne show you how your nose can transform your face.

What do you need rhinoplasty for?

Nose reshaping may be the best cosmetic surgery option if you have:

• A large, crooked, or wide nose
• A prominent bump along the nose bridge that is too noticeable
• A nasal tip that is drooping, thick, or emphasised
• An exaggerated nasal flaring
• A previous injury that made your nose look asymmetrical
• A congenital abnormality that affected the way your nose looks
• An accident that damaged the function of your nose
• Been diagnosed with sleeping or breathing conditions (sleep apnoea, snoring, sinus problems, etc.)

What can a rhinoplasty do for you?

A rhinoplasty surgery can:

• Change the size of your nose
• Change the angle of your nose when in profile
• Straighten the nasal bridge to create height
• Remove a hump or bump along the nose bridge
• Reshape of the tip of your nose
• Make the nostrils narrower
• Open up the airways to improve breathing

What are the rhinoplasty techniques?

There are generally two ways to perform rhinoplasty – the closed and open rhinoplasty technique.

Closed rhinoplasty is preferred by many because the incisions made during this procedure are all inside the nose so that no scars are visible after the surgery. However, if your condition needs more visualisation, an additional cut on the skin in between your nostrils called columella is done on top of the incisions usually made inside the nose. Your rhinoplasty surgeon determines which approach is going to work for you, so you can discuss with him your concerns with regard to scars, healing, and pain.

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Rhinoplasty Melbourne understands your needs and makes sure that we address them in the best way we know. We are a team of board-certified plastic surgeons who specialise in complicated cosmetic and functional surgeries like rhinoplasty. Our years of experience can attest to our commitment and expertise when it comes to providing excellent medical services and superb customer satisfaction. Discover what total patient care feels like with Rhinoplasty Melbourne.

What should a perfect rhinoplasty surgeon have?

Rhinoplasty may be performed on such a small part of your body, but it is a very complicated cosmetic surgery procedure that needs the expertise of a licensed plastic surgeon. Ensure that your doctor is indeed a registered plastic surgeon, not just a board-certified medical doctor who is able to perform such intricate surgery.
Although medical doctors like your GP can claim that they can perform nose reshaping because they studied it in medical school, their knowledge and training wouldn’t measure up to the rigorous experience plastic surgeons have. Choose your rhinoplasty surgeon based on his familiarity in performing rhinoplasty.
Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations from family members, relatives, and friends who have undergone nose reshaping are crucial endorsements in establishing trust.
Reliable staff and clinical practice
You need to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your surgery, so choosing the surgeon as well as his surgical team and clinic facilities are also essential in preserving your safety and peace of mind that you are in good hands.
You can find all these and more at Rhinoplasty Melbourne. Contact us right now to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) about Rhinoplasty

How much would a rhinoplasty cost?
Rhinoplasty cost can be determined by knowing the different factors that go into the surgery. Consultation fees including follow-ups, surgeon’s fees, anaesthesia costs, hospital fees, medication fees, and all other miscellaneous fees should be taken into account. Sometimes, nose reshaping is also partnered up or performed with different facial surgeries like facelift, eyelid surgery, or chin augmentation. With that said, the price of rhinoplasty alone in Melbourne is ranging from $3625 to $19000, averaging at $11000. Meanwhile, revision rhinoplasty is considered more expensive because surgeons find it more challenging to correct or manipulate previous surgeries that did not go well, either because the former rhinoplasty surgeon is inexperienced, or some complications or situations happened during the recovery period that affected its appearance. In Melbourne, revision rhinoplasty ranges from AU$9000 to AU$32500 with an average cost of AU$20000.
Will my health insurance and Medicare help in covering the cost of my rhinoplasty?
When talking about Medicare, if your nose reshaping surgery is done for medical reasons such as the removal of a nasal obstruction or posttraumatic deformity that resulted from trauma or accident (excluding a previous aesthetic surgery), your rhinoplasty cost or at least part of it is covered. However, if your procedure is strictly for cosmetic purposes only and is an elective procedure, it cannot be claimed under Medicare.
With regard to health insurance coverage, it depends on your chosen policies. If your insurance coverage includes a category for plastic surgery, your rhinoplasty procedure may, possibly, be covered. However, if you initially wanted to save money and take out this category, you would have to pay for the expenses out of your own pocket. You may upgrade and include plastic surgery within your policy but be mindful of the waiting period that your insurance sets. A typical six- to twelve-month waiting period before you can be able to use your insurance is expected for complicated procedures such as nose reshaping.
How long before I can get back to work post-surgery?
To answer this question, you would have to know what to expect after your nose reshaping surgery. For the first 2 weeks, patients typically notice bruising and swelling around the face; some even complain of mild to moderate pain and tenderness. Your rhinoplasty surgeon takes care of these symptoms and side effects of the surgery and prescribes pain medications that may be potent enough to prevent you from working.
At first, the improvements promised by your surgeon may not be visible during your first weeks of recovery, and this may be due to the swelling and bruising. You can expect these side effects to subside after the first 10 to 14 days. Most patients feel they are ready to go back to work after 1 or 2 weeks, but your rhinoplasty surgeon should first sign off to this with a return to work certification. He may also include strict instructions on restrictions and limitations regarding your work activities. Strenuous activities of any movement that may be in contact with or put pressure on your nose should be avoided until the surgeon permits you to do so. That said a safety net of 3-4 weeks post-surgery may be the best time to return to work, or until your surgeon clears you to do so.

Let the inner goddess in you re-emerge with rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic surgery can work wonders to your body, but its primary purpose is to make you feel good about yourself. Rhinoplasty Melbourne, as your chosen partners in beauty, recognises how taxing and scary it is to decide and undergo any procedure, surgical or nonsurgical, without knowing full well the results. What we show and give our patients is the assurance that we have the best and we are more than capable of performing any cosmetic surgery procedure, especially rhinoplasty. Let our surgeon’s expertise, facilities’ innovation, and our surgical staff’s special treatment guarantee a pleasant and worthwhile aesthetic enhancement experience from start to finish.

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